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Pelvic/OB Ultrasound

This procedure is painless and does not expose you to radiation. It is all done with sound waves (used to view uterus, ovaries and pregnancy).  The preparation that you to through is of vital importance to the outcome of your examination.


You will be asked to completely drink five (5) 8 oz. glasses of non-carbonated liquid one hour prior to the exam. Do not empty your bladder.  This exam cannot be performed unless your bladder is full. At the beginning of the exam, you will be asked to lie still on a table. A gel will be applied to the area being scanned, and a transducer will pass lightly across your lower abdomen. It is necessary that the lower part of your abdomen be exposed during this exam. A series of images will be taken.

You will then empty your bladder and go home.  It is possible that you might also have a vaginal ultrasound performed. In this case, a technologist will help you insert a small transducer, much like a tampon and images are taken. After review of the images, a report will be sent to your physician.