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Upper GI Series (UGI)/Barium Esophogram
During this examination we will be imaging the esophagus, your stomach and the first part of your small intestines. The preparation that you go through is of vital importance to your examination. You will be asked to fast from midnight the night before, until after the exam is complete. No water, gum, pills or smoking is allowed. At the beginning of the exam we will take one Xray. You will then be asked to swallow some "easy gas crystals" followed by some barium. This enables us to see your stomach on Xrays. Immediately after, we will take three (3) additional films. These films will be developed and shown to the Radiologist. Your examination will continue in the fluoroscopy room that has a TV monitor and enables the Radiologist to see the barium moving through your system.

The Radiologist will take Xrays at this point. When he is finished the Technologist will do several more films. Once the study is complete, and we are satisfied with the quality, you will be sent home. It is important that you take a mild laxative following the exam. Barium tends to constipate. A typewritten report will be sent to your physician.