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Intravenous Pyelography
This is a study of the kidneys and the bladder. ** Please let the technologist know if you have any allergies prior to having any injections.The preparation for this exam is of vital importance to the outcome. You will be given instructions on how to prepare. You will also be told to have only clear liquids from 8pm until after the examination. Have plenty of clear liquids the day of the exam. At the beginning of the exam, we will take one (1) Xray. This will be developed and checked before an injection of contrast. At this point you will be given an injection of contrast. This helps us define the kidneys and bladder on your Xrays. Once the injection is complete, a series of approximately eight (8) more Xrays will be taken. When these are developed and it is determined that the quality is satisfactory, you will be sent home. You may resume your normal diet, drink extra fluids.