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Galactography is a procedure done to view the shape of and any internal objects within the mammary ducts. It is done to evaluate a duct or ducts that are actively draining fluid or blood. The test requires active draining or very recent draining in order for the Radiologist to localize the openings which are barely visible when normal.
Ductal lavage is a way to collect cells from inside the milk ducts, where most breast cancers begin.

The Radiologist will examine the breast for visible duct openings (if there aren't any visibly dilated duct openings, then the procedure cannot be performed). He will then disinfect the skin of and around the nipple. Then, a very thin tube(catheter) will be inserted a short distance into the dilated duct, and contrast will then be injected with very little pressure. There may be some mild discomfort. A Mammogram is then performed on the breast. This will be done for each dilated opening. The Radiologist will view the images and send the patient home if he is satisfied with them. A report will be sent to your physician.