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Multidetector CT (Computed Tomography) scanning is a specialized way of using Xrays. The Xrays pass through the patient onto special detectors. Information is then sent to a computer and an image is produced thus allowing us to look at the body in cross sections. This differentiates tissue densities better for us than plain Xrays do.


Patients who are having abdominal/pelvic studies may be asked to drink a contrast solution so the stomach and intestines can be visualized more clearly. Studies of vessels and organs may require an injectable contrast to help define them. If you have any allergies or have ever had an allergic reaction to contrast material (dye), please mention this at the time of scheduling so that our technologist may be informed.

At the New Port Richey location, our Siemens Volume Zoom, our Toshiba at the Summit location and our Philips Brilliance CT 64 at the Trinity location offer advanced multidetector technology in order to produce clearer images rapidly. This also allows us to create 3-dimensional images for viewing on a computer workstation, and thus, provides us with a powerful diagnostic tool. 


We offer shielding whenever possible to reduce radiation exposure during your CT scan.