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Barium Enema
This is a study of the colon (large intestine). We normally schedule this exam in the morning for your convenience. The preparation for this exam is of vital importance. You will be given preparation instructions, either by your physician or one of our staff members. At the beginning of the exam we will take one (1) Xray. This will be developed and checked before the examination can continue. If the colon has any remaining stool in it, your exam will be rescheduled for another day. You will be given new preparation instructions. Once it has been determined that the exam can continue, you will be brought into another Xray room. We will introduce barium into the colon by way of an enema. The Radiologist and the Technologist will be in the room to take Xrays of your colon. During the exam, you will be expected to retain the barium. As soon as the study is complete, the enema bag will be lowered and the barium will drain back into the bag. The Technologist will assist you to the restroom. Once you have released the remaining barium, additional Xrays may be taken. It is important that you take a mild laxative following this exam. Barium tends to constipate.